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1. Only gifts made with a credit card at on May 18, 2022 are eligible to count toward prize challenges, unless otherwise noted. Gifts made to organizations offline, matching funds, and early gifts will reflect in your leaderboard totals, but do not count toward challenges, unless otherwise noted.

2. A unique donor is defined as one donation from one donor.

3. Organizations are eligible to win only one Hourly Donor Challenge. Organizations may win different challenges but can only win the Hourly Donor Challenge once. If there are no donations within the hour, prize dollars will be transferred to Booster Challenge.

4. Booster Challenge winners are selected randomly every hour throughout the day and multiple Booster prizes may be given within a single hour. Organizations are only eligible to win one Booster challenge. If an organization is chosen and has already received a Booster prize, a different donation/organization will be randomly selected.

5. Prize challenge winners will be posted on a tab titled "Prizes". Additionally, prize winners will be announced periodically on Joy of Giving social media accounts.

6. Prize challenges are subject to change and all announced prizes are subject to verification. In the event of a tie, a prize will be split evenly among winners.