Terms of Service

#iGiveCatholic requires that a Catholic-related organization (“organization”) choosing to participate and collaborate as a benefitting partner enter into this Terms of Service which sets forth the services and duties provided by #iGiveCatholic and the roles, responsibilities, obligations and agreement of all participants.

1.                   I confirm that my organization is a Catholic-related, 501(c)(3), nonprofit entity eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts [or is sponsored by an eligible 501(c)(3) entity]. We will provide our EIN number, if needed, to #iGiveCatholic for verification.

2.                  I understand that my organization is encouraged to focus the majority of its overall marketing efforts in the days immediately leading up to the Giving Day to the campaign to create a sense of excitement among donors, volunteers, media partners and fellow nonprofits.

3.                  I understand that #iGiveCatholic does not warrant or guarantee and is not responsible for the amount of money contributed to my organization over the course of the event, that donors choose where to place their gifts, and that #iGiveCatholic has no control of this process. I also understand that attending training, either live or by utilizing the archived webinars, may help my organization to have a more successful giving day.

4.                  I confirm that my organization will promote giving through #iGiveCatholic to our donors and will use any promotional and marketing materials provided by #iGiveCatholic. Any additional promotional materials are solely at my organization’s expense.

5.                  I understand my role as point person for my organization and that I am to communicate with my organization’s members, parishioners, parents, directors, board, staff, and volunteers about # the Giving Day updates, deadlines, and requirements.

6.                  I understand that my organization will receive all the monies that have been donated to my organization less any transaction fees not paid by the individual donor.

7.                   I understand that GiveGab.com is an online platform that will process all online contributions made to my organization during the event and that GiveGab.com may contract with third parties to process any such contributions.

8.                  I understand that if my organization has indicated a bank account number in my online registration profile, we will receive all donations via ACH distribution approximately five (5) to seven (7) business days after the gift has been made. I understand that if my organization is being sponsored by my arch/diocese, meaning I do not have a viable bank account with which to receive funds via ACH or my arch/diocese has indicated that it will accept donations for disbursement to its participating organizations, I will be sent my donations via check within 60 days of the giving day.

9.                  My organization will thank our donors in writing within one (1) week of the Giving Day.

10.               I understand that my organization’s failure to meet any of these requirements may deem my organization ineligible to participate any future giving days at the discretion of #iGiveCatholic or an affiliate arch/diocese of my organization.

11.                In consideration of the establishment of the Giving Day and all efforts related to that, my organization agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless #iGiveCatholic, its members, its directors, officers, agents, contractors, insurers and/or self-insurance administrators from any and all claims by any third persons or entities that may arise from the fault of third parties with which #iGiveCatholic contracts to perform services or with which such third person or entity contracts to perform services related to the Giving Day, including, as illustration only but without limitation, any company with which #iGiveCatholic contracts to provide a platform for online giving and/or which may, in turn, contract for credit-card processing. I further understand that #iGiveCatholic will make reasonable efforts, in its sole discretion, to obtain insurance to protect against any negligent and/or intentional acts of third parties with which it contracts to perform services for the Giving Day but is not required to obtain any such insurance . 

12.               Neither #iGiveCatholic nor any other entity shall be responsible for any acts or failure to act, including but not limited to cancellation or postponement of the Giving Day, beyond their control, including acts of God or man or weather events, including but not limited to hurricanes, tropical or other storms, earthquakes, riots, labor strikes, war, terrorism, illness, government orders, or related events.

13.               I warrant that I am authorized by my organization to enter into this Terms of Service.

14.               I understand that all questions regarding the Giving Day should come from the point person and be sent via email to questions@igivecatholic.org.